The Club Competitions for 2022 are being organised and run by Allan Griffiths and a detailed list of Competitions and rules is on the Competition notice Board, including draw dates where applicable.


Jo Farmer Ladies singles,  21 up. Drawn, see under “Competitions”.

Bob Barnsley Men’s Singles, 21 up. Drawn, see under “Competitions”.

Club Championship (mixed singles), 21 up.

Yardstick Novice singles, (any non-singles winner), 21 ends, two bowls.

Saga Singles, over 65’s only, 4 bowls Yardstick, first to 21 shots. To take place on 21st August.

Handicap Singles, (mixed), 21 up. Drawn, see under “Competitions”.

President’s two wood. 21 ends. Drawn, see under “Competitions”.

Club Drawn Pairs, 4 bowls, 14 ends, to take place on 16th & 17th July.

Doug Hand Triples, 3 bowls, 14ends, to take place on 27th & 28th August.


Entry fee for each Competition is £1.50. Any queries to Allan Griffiths please on 07756767741.